Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring arrived and everything was happening so quickly that I did not realize the trees would not bloom forever. I wish I could move after the blooming trees from South to North and spend more time looking at them...

Summer is almost here, and it is time to pick up and write about the harsh winter months :)

I had four bird feeders installed in my backyard, and the birds loved to come and eat, and occasionally posed for me while I was taking  photographs. They ate total of 160 pounds of seeds (4 bags with 40 pounds of seeds each). I had so much fun watching them and taking their portraits through the window. Squirrels have been coming to eat every day, and we had so many snowstorms this past winter, they needed help, too. I've also installed a special squirrel feeder, and they appreciated it very much.
Bird Feeder at the Shed

My Precious...

House Finch

Let's Talk!


White-throated Sparrow

Squirrel in a Bird Feeder during the Snowfall

Male Red Cardinal

Sharing the Feeder

Blue Jay in Snow

Female Red Cardinal

I'm Hungry!

Give me some food, please!

I will pose for you!

I'm so beautiful!

They don't hear me, will go and check those bird feeders...

Mourning Dove

Happy Couple: House Finches

Hawk on the Fence After the Iced Rain

What is this?

Looks like corn, my favorite!


Checking the feeder

Not an easy thing to do...

My house reflected in his eye...

Did you see the squirrel?

Link to the short video clip about the squirrel on youtube: