Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Small Garden in a Glass Bowl, or Fairy Garden

I was inspired by the post found on Pinterest, from http://mrs-ferguson.blogspot.hu/2012/02/magical-forest-in-jar.html.  

Almost everything was already in hand - the bowl, the deer and hedgehog figurines, the small stones and vegetation from my houseplants. The moss came from the backyard. 
The only thing remaining were those mushrooms. I used some acorns and white color inserts for the screws.

I glued the screw inserts into the acorn caps and painted them with the nail polish, adding white dots after they dried out. The drying stand was made out of toilet paper tube, slighly flattened with small holes for the inserts added.

The project was quick to make, and I like the final result!

First Mushroom Added
All Three Mushrooms Added
Close-Up of Mushrooms
The hedgehog looks nice there, too!