Monday, February 25, 2013

Northlandz Railroad Museum, Flemington, New Jersey

The weather in February can be so bad that the only thing remaining to do is to go to a museum.  Due to a fact that we recently visited all the art museums around us, the only 'unvisited' one was a Railroad Museum, designed and built by Bruce Williams Zaccargnino. The dream of the Great American Railway at Northlandz began over 35 years ago. 8 miles of rails, 400 bridges, 100 trains moving at the same time - the resulting attraction is now at 495 U.S. 202, Flemington, NJ. (908) 782-4022,
I took so many pictures that it was difficult to make a choice. The winding path leads around the exhibit, from floor to floor, like going around a mountain built inside of this space.

View of pathways around the exhibit
Museum Building
Train Ride outside the Museum
Photos of the exhibit

Moving Train

Grandma's Pit

The museum is intended for kids, but grown-ups enjoy the exhibit as well. We liked it - it was also a challenge of taking pictures in those low-light conditions, and pretty tough decisions to make when choosing them for posting.