Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hiking Around the Lake Minnewaska, October 5, 2013

After leaving Newburgh we decided to go to the Lake Minnewaska, one of our favorite places new New Paltz. Half-an-hour later we arrived to the beautiful Minnewaska State Park, and hiked for 2 hours around the lake.
View from the mountain

House on the Cliff

Hikers and Climbers

Oak Leaves

Red Color of Autumn

On the Trail

Lake View

Wooden Bridge

Gazebo on the Mountain Top

Photographer at Work



On the Top of the World

Family Picnic

Big Rock


Looking Through

Fall Colors


Sky Reflection

Lake View

Tiny Lizard

Winding Path

Hikers on the Trail

My Favorite Photographer

Red Squirrel

Walking the White Dog

Beach is Closed - Come Back in Summer!

On the Top of the World

On the Way Home

Monday, October 7, 2013

Bannerman Island Trip on Saturday, October 5, 2013.

October is the best time of the year in NJ, and we enjoy the beautiful outdoors to the fullest. No more mosquitoes, no more sweating, we can walk all we want all day long and enjoy the colors and the nice weather.
Last Saturday we decided to go on a trip to upstate New York, to Bannerman Island. The small cruise boat leaves Newburgh once a day on the weekends at 11 am, the tickets were bought in advance. I did not want to read anything about this place, or look for any images on the web  - I only knew that there was a castle built on this island a hundred of years ago. We woke up at 6 am and had a small breakfast.
I did not have time to make a nice-looking breakfast, so we had a piece of bread with hummus instead. We bought some coffee at a Dunkin Donuts after arriving to Newburgh. We left our place at 7.30, and spent 2 hours on the road.

Colors started to change already, and the further North we were coming, the more yellow and red trees were appearing along the road. We took Route 206, then Route 287 in New Jersey, then drove on the New York Thruway - Route 87, and arrived to the 17th exit.

Deer hazard zone

 The Mural in Newburgh

 Restroom on the Waterfront

 Mural View

River Rose Cruise Boat. I thought it would be our ride to the island, but alas...

 The Bannerman Island Tours Boat looked looked much more modest...

Torches Restaurant View from the Boat

Seagulls on the top of the restaurant roof - a real one landing on a metal one.

Lifesaving Vests beneath the boat roof
Ebenezer Baptist Church, Newburgh, NY

Island Ahead

Leaving Newburgh Behind

Island View

Birds over the Hudson River

Castle View

Hudson River View

Bannerman Island Arsenal

Our tour guide Wes waiting for the group on the island

Leaving the Boat

Staircase to the Island Top

Tour Boat Leaving the Island

View from the Island

Wes, our very knowledgeable tour guide

Fall Colors

Window View

View Through the Window

One More Window
Taking Picture
Yellow Leaves
Panorama of the Castle
Purple Flowers
Stairs Ruins
Group Taking Pictures
View From the Island Top
Historic Picture
Historic Picture 2
Alpine Garden
Bannerman Family House View
Rusty Old Things
Kayakers approaching the Bannerman Island


Bannerman Family House From the Backyard
Kayaks at the Shore
Kayaks and Old Bridge Ruins
Old Bridge Ruins
Veil Boat on Hudson River
The Boat That We did not Take
Newburgh View From the Water
Sunny Afternoon
River View
Marina and Fall Colors.
After we returned from the island we had lunch at the Torches Restaurant, and we headed further to the North, to the Lake Minnewaska. Images will be coming soon!