Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Found at a flea market,  last week at the Golden Nugget in Lambertville, NJ.
Made in Japan, the sculpture is so impeccably cute!
This planter is 6 inch in length and 4 inch in height.
I have so many succulents, so I simply used whatever I had at home.

Happy froggy :)  This planter was found at the Home Goods store recently.
The brain-looking cactus was transplanted from the other pot,
and I've added some succulents to fill the empty space.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Why do I call myself a gardener...

Spring is coming, and it is happening too soon - we did not see any winter, any snow at all. On February 18 I took this picture of crocuses on Nassau Street in Princeton, I did not expect them so early.  

I self-proclaimed myself to be a gardener, but I never actually wrote about my garden or my indoor plants. I have lots of plants indoor, including an avocado tree grown from pit, it was an avocado fruit bought at Wegman's store. My cacti and succulents started from a box with 6 tiny little things that my daughter Antoniya gave me as a present for the Mother's Day -8 or 9 years ago. Those tiny pots were a couple of inches tall.  Now they became big, bushy and tall. Most of my indoor plants spend their summer time outside in the backyard, and they come back inside in October or early November.
Here come some pictures:

Aloe Cactus preparing to bloom - February 2012

The same Aloe Cactus in 2011

Aloe Cactus in 2010. It still fits in the pot.

My indoor garden - 2010

December 2011 - flowering Zygocactus or Christmas cactus
Mushrooms in Avocado pot outdoors in summertime
Zygocactus in December 2010

This family of cacti began from one small cactus shown with the flower.
The same cactus, in 2008.
The same cactus , in 2012.

This palm tree did not last long, it was infected with scale (from the nursery)  and did not survive. Photo 2007.
Small cactus and succulents garden. 2010

One more small garden made of succulents. 2010
Everything I put into soil is growing well. I have a green thumb indeed,  I take care of plants, they pay me back with their beautiful flowers. My last project was finished on Sunday, after buying a beautiful glass pot I created three small gardens in the pots using the small cacti and succulents.

The bowl size is 7 inches in diameter. The bottom layer is made of small pebbles, they look nice through the glass.
This one was made as a present and is now living with a friend.

This small pot has a plastic saucer filled with pebbles.
In my next post I will show my real garden.