Thursday, March 27, 2014

Addition to the turtles collection

Latest Additions:
Small planter, was sold with the ivy plant in it.

This one has inside  a sachet filled with potpurri
that smells like vanilla and lavender

Stone one, heavy

The shell is made of colorful butterflies

Friday, March 14, 2014


Below is my collection of turtles figurines that I started almost 10 years ago.  Some of them were  flea market finds, some of them were bought at the stores or art shows, many of them were given by my friends. After they realized that I collect turtles, knowing about it made their life easier - many of small figurines came to my house as gifts.

The "moving turtles" series: the head and the legs
are suspended and move all the time.

Almost identical pair otf turtles, different color.
Tiny cute little thing
Back  view

Belly view -  upside down

I have several of  those, made of sea shells - from different
sea vacations, but mainly they are gifts from friends.

Gift from my daughter, brought from Donetsk

Gift from my friend Svetlana, brought from St.Maarten

Gift from my friend

A beautiful little one

This one has a compas inside.
From Lahaska, Peddler Village.
From Chinese market - if you carry it with you,
you will live a long life

This is a little box with magnetic closure,
you can lift the back up

Stone Pendant
Turtle-photographer, gift from my friend Svetlana
Small clock
Onyx Turtle
Glass turtle - gift from a friend
Cell phone pendant
Another turtle-box
Sea Turtle

From the Redwoods National Park.
The back of the turtle is made of sequoia wood.

Little pendant



Haagen-Dazs Miniature


Tiny small turtle, made by a sculptor from Connecticut
(met him at the art show)

This one is a brooch - flee market find

One more from the art show in Morristown Armory, NJ

Brought from Petra, Jordan

One more broouch, a flea market find

Plastic one, from the toy store Jazams in Princeton 

Chinatown, New York - another one with a compas inside.
This time the compas is real.

Silver ring, bought at the art show.
You can open it and keep your secret stash inside.

Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts Store

Key chain - brought from Israel

Stuffed toy brought from Munich, Germany.

From Asburry Park. We stopped at the store when we went
to see the Polar Bears plunge on the first day of the
New Year 2014.  Nice Christmas Tree decoration.

Gift from my friend Natalia

Key chain
Glass weight

Candle in a turtle figurine