Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Little Toad Story

We found a little tiny toad, around 1.5 inch long, in the middle of our living room last Sunday (Feb.16th!!!!). He was jumping very slowly, sitting and resting between jumps.

Luckily for him, it was not our cat who saw him first, it was my husband. So we caught him using a plastic tray, then I've put him into a transparent plastic candy box with air holes on the top, adding some leaves off my houseplants.

He definitely was hibernating in one of the big plant pots that stayed outside until October.

What to do now?

We have 20 F outside today, it is pretty cold, and the snow is 2 feet deep or even more in the backyard. 

This is how the backyard looks now, and I'm walking on ice.  It is much more deeper than it looks, because the layers of snow were melting and snow became ice. I'm feeding the birds.

I can't let this creature go into the garden yet. I've put the box in the garage, it is pretty cold there now, but the frog is not sleeping - probably it is too noisy for him when we pass by, or the occasionaly lit light might disturb him. I gave him some tiny apple pieces, but he was not eating, just sitting quiet and looking at me with his sad, sad eyes!

Whatever looks like water is not water, it is the thick plastic wall. I've added some water to the extruded groove at the bottom, so in case he needs water he will find it.

What should I do? Add some dirt, put him into terrarium, feed him and buy worms at the pet store?  Leave him alone? Help, please!