Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sunday in Tyler Park, PA

Tyler State Park near Newtown, PA is one of our favorite places. The park consists of 1,711 acres in Bucks County. Park roads, trails, and facilities are carefully nestled within the original farm and woodland setting. Neshaminy Creek meanders through the park, dividing the land into several interesting sections.
The info from the park web site:
Before becoming a state park, the land was owned by Mr. and Mrs. George F. Tyler who purchased the land between 1919 and 1928. Their first purchase was the Solly Farm, currently leased to Hostelling International at the north end of the park. The Solly House served as the Tyler’s country home until the mansion was constructed. The mansion is now a part of the Bucks County Community College.
The Tylers developed one of the finest Ayrshire dairy herds in the county. In addition, they raised poultry, sheep and pigs, and had a stable of about 25 fine riding horses. The productive croplands were mainly used to supply feed for the livestock.
Old original stone dwellings in the park stand as fine examples of early farm dwellings of rural Pennsylvania. Some structures date back to the early 1700s. You may wish to look for the date stone (1775) on the house located by the bicycle trail north of the pedestrian causeway in the center of the park. Ten original farm dwellings are currently being leased as private residences.
The park land was acquired by Project 70 funding and has been developed using funds from Project 500, the Pennsylvania “Land and Water Conservation and Reclamation Act.” This act has provided for the planning and development of many public outdoor recreation lands including Tyler State Park. The park officially opened on May 25, 1974.

We have to cross the NJ state border and get to Pennsylvania, but it is very close, only half-an-hour drive from our home, and the trip is definitely worth it.
During our daughter's recent stay we took a lot of pictures of her in the park, and last Sunday we went for a 3-hours walk. I never get tired of this place, it has so many trails and beautiful views, and an abundant wildlife. Even after 11 years in the US the wildlife living in a close proximity to people never fails to amaze me.

You already know my motto - "a picture is worth a thousand words'', so my photo reportage is presented below.

She is Watching Us!

Help Us Lord...

Snake on the road. This is a frame from a video clip.

Horse Rider

Horses Crossing the Road

Old Trees

Tiny Toad

Neshaminy Creek

Dancing With the Shadow

Warm Evening

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