Saturday, December 25, 2010

Egor celebrated his first birthday on Dec 3, 2010
During the entire past year everything in our lives was about my grandson: his monthly weight gains, his first smile, his first steps at 9 month old, new foods in his menu. Every month was documented in pictures and short video clips, taken by my daughter. I spent with him the first month of his life, helping her. It was bitterly cold in Ukraine, and those snow storms were coming one after another. Yet it was warm in the newly renovated apartment, cozy and welcoming the new addition to our family. I returned back to the US in mid-January, and was skyping with my daughter every single day since then, watching Egor growing and developing.
December 1st,  2010. 

 Little QT

My mom is the best!

This is a collage of Egor's pictures taken month after month
throughout the year. He was born at 3.7 kg and at one year
he is 12.4 kg and 80 cm tall.
The most difficult year of Egor's childhood is behind us. He will not be growing as fast now, he became more independent from his mother, and he will learn a lot of things about life very quickly. I want him to be happy!

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