Friday, June 17, 2016

Decorating backyard fence with toy birdhouses

I saw a similar idea in HGTV tutorial, and was hooked up.
Somehow it ended up being one of my longest projects. I bought the first birdhouses back in 2015, thinking that in spring everything will be painted and on the fence. But procrastination won, or maybe I lost interest to the idea. The unpainted birdhouses moved into the basement. After the winter of 2016 the idea kind of came back, and I finally started doing it in the spring of 2016. I was painting outdoors, using spray paint, and it took time because of the rainy weather in April and May. Also all the small details that had to be painted separately took their time.

I also have a dozen of almost finished painted tin cans, a couple of them were planted with succulents today. I bought a sedum tile at the nursery, it is drought-tolerant, so even in the small containers the succulents will not dry out.

Sedum,  succulents of different colors

The fence before adding birdhouses

Long painting process

On Memorial Day weekend Tosha came to visit us and helped me. Here we are, adding the polyurethane protective layer.

Birdhouses and tin cans painted and hung

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